Clothing Label Application

Clothing Label Application

The perfect technique? It's all in the heat and pressure applied. We recommend a test run, as every iron is different. Please run through the instructions at least once using an old piece of fabric to see if you need to adjust the temperature, pressure or time to achieve a successful application.


  • Make sure there is no water in your iron. Steam from your iron will impact the application.
  • Preheat your iron to Wool/Cotton, as specified on your clothing care label.
  • Always iron on a heat-resistant, firm and flat surface. TIP: Ironing board covers may create a spongey surface, so you can also use a chopping board with a tea towel over the top if required. 
  • Please read the care label of the fabric you're ironing to ensure it can withstand the heat.
  • Avoid applying to swimwear, slippery, thick-weaved or fluffy fabrics.


  1. Iron over the desired section of clothing to dry and remove any creases from your fabric. 
  2. Peel the iron on label off your label sheet
  3. Place label in the desired position, personalised side up TIP: Select an area of the fabric that has the least amount of stretch. The iron-on label is designed to bond firmly with the fabric, but if applied to a stretchy area, movements may cause the label to stretch, crack, or even detach from the fabric over time as it's not designed to stretch with the garment.
  4. Cover label with supplied iron on transfer paper
  5. Place iron on top, applying firm pressure and moving in small circular motions for 10-15 seconds
  6. Peel back the transfer paper and check if the label has adhered by picking at the corners. If the corners lift, repeat steps until you feel satisfied the label has fully adhered. TIP:Your label should go from a gloss to a matte finish, and the texture of your fabric should show through the label. Always ensure all edges are fully adhered and repeat steps if required.
  7. Always wait at least 48 hours before washing 


  • Do not iron over directly over the label. If you don't have any transfer paper, you can test run with the baking paper you have at home.
  • Our iron-on labels are designed for washing machine COLD wash only. Avoid temperatures over 30 degrees when washing.
  • Not recommended for garments that are dry cleaned.
  • Your labels are machine dryer safe.

WARNING: Labels can be a choking hazard. Ensure the label is firmly adhered before giving any name-labelled item to small children.


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