Cleaning your Bento Box

Cleaning your Bento Box

Your Bento has been thoughtfully designed, making it easier for you to clean. 


  • Always clean your bento as soon as possible after each use.
  • Remove and separate all parts of your bento before washing. 
  • Prepare warm soapy water with a mild detergent.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning aids; always use a soft sponge.


  1. Submerge the insert tray and divider piece, and gently clean these with your sponge, removing any food build-up. 
  2. Rinse excess soap under clean water before placing it on the drying rack.
  3. Repeat steps for silicone lid, focusing on hard-to-reach areas with a soft bristle scrubbing brush, removing build-up in the seal.
  4. Never submerge outer box & switch disc. 
  5. Instead, using a soft, damp cloth, gently wipe down all areas of the surface, paying close attention to preserving the print.
  6. Leave to air dry on the drying rack, and thoroughly dry with a clean tea towel before storing separated parts away in a well-ventilated area.
  7. When ready to use again, reassemble the bento, and you're all set! 

Dishwasher Instructions

  • Your silicone lid, insert tray and divider piece are dishwasher safe for the top shelf only. 
  • Always avoid high-temperature settings
  • Never put the outer box or switch disc through the dishwasher. 

Please Note

  • Your insert tray and divider piece are microwave safe. Always remove it from the outer box before using it in the microwave.
  • Never put the outer box in the microwave.
  • Your bento box compartments are designed to seal entirely; however, these are not watertight, so we cannot guarantee against the leakage of food that produces a watery substance as a by-product. We recommend using our bento for thicker consistency food products such as sauce, dip and yoghurt. 


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