Your Warm Meal Solution: A Quick Guide to Using the Hippo Blue Food Jar

Your Warm Meal Solution: A Quick Guide to Using the Hippo Blue Food Jar

Your Warm Meal Solution: A Quick Guide to Using the Hippo Blue Food Jar

You've got a lot on your plate, from getting the kids ready for kinder school to planning exciting day trips. We understand that meal prep can feel like just another task on an already overflowing to-do list. That's why we're here to help you simplify things with the trusty Hippo Blue Food Jar. It's designed to keep your kiddo's lunch warm and delicious, no matter what the day has in store.

Let's dive into the easy steps to ensure your child's meal stays perfectly heated

Step 1 : Boil Some Water

Kick off the process with something most of us do every morning - boil some water. This simple step is the first towards a warm and hearty meal.

Step 2 : Preheat the Food Jar

Pour the boiling water into the Food Jar, letting it sit for a few minutes. This preheating trick is the secret sauce to ensuring the jar is warmed up and ready to keep your meal hot.

Step 3: Heat the Meal

While your Food Jar is getting all warmed up, it's time to heat your chosen meal. Aim for a temperature that's comfortably hot. This ensures that when lunchtime rolls around, the food is still warm and appetizing.

Step 4: Empty the Jar Safely

Next, carefully empty the jar. Remember, safety always comes first!

Step 5: Pack Your Meal

Now, it's time to pack the jar with your choice of meal. Whether it's freshly cooked or last night's leftovers, this food jar can handle it all. The quicker you transfer your food into the jar after heating, the longer it will stay warm.

Once you've followed these steps, you'll have a meal that stays warm for up to 7 hours. Perfect for those long school days or family outings. So, get set, prep, and go!

Click HERE to check out our Hippo Blue Insulated Food Jar. Let us be a part of your culinary journey and help make meal prep a breeze!


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  • Great product, food jar keeps my daughters food nice and warm until lunchtime,

    mel on

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