Gourmet Rocky Road Delights

Gourmet Rocky Road Delights

Gourmet Rocky Road Delights

Now that Easter has hopped by, we bet you're wondering what to do with all those extra chocolate eggs. Fear not! We've got the perfect solution that's both indulgent for parents and a hit with the kids. Transform those leftover Easter eggs into our luxurious Rocky Road recipe—a treat that's sure to make every moment sweeter.

Elevated Rocky Road Recipe with an Easter Twist:

  • 200g leftover Easter chocolate eggs, melted into blissful smoothness
  • 100g mini marshmallows, adding soft, pillowy clouds
  • 75g roasted nuts (your choice!) for that satisfying crunch
  • 50g dried cranberries for a zesty pop
  • 100g Cadbury Turkish Delight, chopped, bringing an exotic twist
  • A generous handful of your favorite biscuits, crumbled for that perfect textural contrast

Let's Get Crafting:

  1. Mix marshmallows, nuts, cranberries, Turkish Delight, and biscuits with the melted Easter chocolate.
  2. Spread in a tray, chill until firm, and slice into squares of pure joy.

Got creative twists on your Rocky Road? Maybe a sprinkle of sea salt or a dash of cinnamon? Share your masterpieces with us using #BentoMastersRockyRoad. Let's turn those Easter leftovers into something magical!

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